Realizing Your Dreams is What we do

Moon Punch Tiger is a New York City based production house that specializes in 3D and 2D effects and animation for commercial and broadcast content on a global market. With our experience in multiple cultures we can bring the best localized style content to any medium.

We can also break the box and bring never before thought out styles to our ever expanding shrinking world market. We also have extensive experience with product branding and packaging. In short, what your needs are we can fill.


Tasayu Tasnaphun / Co-Founder and Creative ARt Director

Born in NY, raised in Brooklyn Tasayu received his BFA in traditional animation and MFA in computer arts from The School of Visual Arts in NYC. Since then he has worked in the Film and Television Industry with MTV, Nickelodeon, JVC, SpikeTV, VH1, Urban Sled, GWI and more, creating unique visuals and content. As well as working the Agency side with Saatchi and Saatchi, producing and art directing dynamic branding spots with a unique storyline. With over 10 years of experience he is sure to come up with the perfect solution for your marketing and storytelling needs in any medium and format.

His ability to communicate and manage a pipeline at all levels also comes from his experience of being not only behind the camera but in front as well, as a host and talent for shows such as “Tokyo Reporter”, “あ!PoN”, “道産子外人だべさ” and “NHK’s Cool Japan”.

Being solid like a rock and always coming up with ideas that shine, Tasayu is the “Moon” that orbits the studio.


Si Wen Sui/ Co-Founder and Head of Production

Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Siwen is a New York based computer graphic artist with 7 years of experience in computer animation, motion graphics, commercials and broadcasting. She has worked for both New York and Shanghai companies including Psyop, LoyalKaspar, GWI, John Hopkins University, Caster Crew, Tensoo, Nice Vision and more. Her specialty in 3D modeling and animation plus her perfect sense for music makes her an artist who has unique styles and creativities.

With a B.A degree of Economics at ECUPL and an MFA degree in Computer Art at School of Visual Arts, she always understands and creates perfect branding plans and commercials suitable for all kinds of business. She’s also a worldwide award-winning artist with her various works.

With the ability to execute in style and intense passion, Siwen ferociously attacks the work like a “Tiger”.


Mike S./ Co-Founder and Technical Director

Mike is an innate Entrepreneur and a passionate artist. He has a wealth of Entrepreneurial experience starting and running his own media and design companies. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master of Fine Arts from SVA, NY, Mike has a perfect blend of technical and artistic skills.

Mike has worked as a Character Effects Technical Director for the animated feature film “Epic” from Blue Sky Studios. He has worked with industry renowned artists like Lillian Schwartz on creating 3D digital films that were recognized and showcased at the Museum of Modern Art.

Mike is the “Punch” with both impact and flow. As Bruce Lee would say
“Be Water…” and Mike surely is.


Moon Punch Tiger